Friday, March 24, 2006

Bugger Blogger!!

Can anyone help me? I have added links lots of times but on the last two occasions the links I've added to the "Blogs I read" list don't show. They are there, run your mouse over the blank area between the lowest link and the buttons and you will see the hand icon and if you click the links they work but you can't see the sodding names. This is bugging me no end as I can't understand why. The links are just the same as all the rest why won't they work?? (grumble, mutter, whinge....) The only thing I can see is that the hand icon appers and disappears as it runs up and down the visible names but stays as a hand for the whole invisible section - does this mean bugger all, dunno :-(

Post-edit; The entirely wonderful W solved the problem. Thank you, you Angel of mercy :-) Who'd of thought one teensy little ">" would cause such a kerfuffle? I looked and looked but couldn't see what I'd missed out. Migraines eh, who needs 'em? Thanks again, my delicate sanity saved for a bit longer!!!!!


Blogger wendy said...

Hi i think you have missed out these > < on the second part of code...the first part is the blog address the second part name of >blog< hope this makes sense

10:46 PM  

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