Thursday, June 29, 2006

Done! Now what?

I loved knitting it. The sleeves fit the armholes (always a dodgy moment I find.) It fits. The recipient seems pretty chuffed too...............

Friday, June 16, 2006


Look at all that!!!! I must be the luckiest Dye-O-Rama swapper in the Blogiverse, Universe, Cosmos, whatever!!!!!! My swapper was Reb from Shades of Green and I cannot believe what she's sent me :-) There are bones for the dogs, here they are "asking nicely" for them..... There are Gummies for the kids, here they are looking as if Gummies wouldn't melt! (Well two of them are here, the other one missed out, such is group dynamics in a house full of boys...) There is a beautiful book called "The Gift of the Sacred Dog" by Paul Goble, it has the most lovely illustrations and I can't wait to read it! There were what Reb calls "low brow" chocolates, all peanutty and fabulous - we are munching as I speak with Bri saying "cor, you don't get M&M's like this over here, give 'em here!" Then there is another bag, full of "high brow" chocs, fabulous stuff like Paul Newman's "Butter Toffee Crunch"and Seattle Chocolate's "Expresso Truffle Bar" Then there is a selection of teas from a Master Blender. I love tea and as I don't use milk in it I can really appreciate a tasty cuppa!! Then there's The Yarn!!!! Oh, it is wonderful. There is a blue blend in fabulous shades called "Seagasm" . This pic doesn't do it justice, it's bluer and deeper and altogether lovely. This will be socks for me. The other large hank is "Primevil Promise" and is the most divine wool/tencel blend, it shimmers like rain on leaves and is all the shades of trees. Greens, brown all with that shimmer. I don't know it's destiny yet. ( You will get to see the wonder of this when blogger stops arsing about and lets me upload the sodding picture!) Theres also a tidy hank of STR as I said I lusted after it, that will be an amulet bag I think.... Everything came with cards attached that are both beautiful and full of lovely notes and explanations. I have never had anything so lovely sent to me before, I am deeply touched and totally thrilled. Thank you Reb, thank you very, very much :-)

Monday, June 05, 2006

One day..........

.......I won't begin a post with "this is just a quickie". One day, not today coz this is just a quickie :-)I am pleased with how the dyeing came out. The thick and thin is really lovely and now it's dry the discrepancy between the deeper and lighter bits is much less. The thin stuff is the same sort of colours in a sock wool and is the other option to go to my Dye-o-Rama swapper. I will post it tomorrow so I'll have to decide today I guess! The black/shiny yarn is the latest hank of handspun. The shiny bit doesn't really take a great pic but is the Rainbow Merino/Tencel combed tops I came back from Winghams with. I have a huge amount to learn about what looks good plied with what but I'm reasonably happy with the result here. I didn't think the merino/tencel would show itself off very well plied to itself. I didn't want to echo a bright colour from the rainbow either so went for black. What do you think? I can't get my head round spinning singles which could've been a way to go I suppose......
This pretty thing is a new sock for my darling. In reality those colours are sooooo pretty. The pattern is lovely too, it's the Parting Ways sock. Can't remember offhand where I bought it but it's lovely to do. Blogger has decided that you will see no more today so that's your lot. I can hear my "new" washing machine arriving and have nearly two weeks worth to do so ta ta!!!