Saturday, April 01, 2006

Calling all Fibreholics - so that's you, right?

Just a quick plug for y'all. Go here. Look at the sheep! Look at these spindles (love "The Keep"!) It was Wormhead who originally blogged about Liz' fibres (thanks Ruth:-)) which are gorgeous. I unreservedly endorse Liz as she is a lovely lady. She is extremely helpful and knowledgable and passionate about keeping spinning alive. I've no affiliation other than being a most satisfied customer of her ebay shop. Nice to know that in this age of shopping with a click it still all comes down to nice folk :-)))


Blogger Holly @Home said...

Oh yes book-marked that one for Mum..for yarns.I don't think she'd ever spin herself but rather fancies a loom..hah-ha ..not in our house Mum !

3:58 PM  

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