Saturday, February 25, 2006

Two Contrary Bags.

Sorry, should've given some sort of warning before posting this I guess!!! Isn't there a button you can press for offensive blog content?! ;-) I tried to get my pic on my profile and went all round the damn houses for ages before finding the easy way - stick it on the blog and then use it's URL, well I haven't done it yet so perhaps I shouldn't say "easy"!! There was one that wasn't blurred but Brian wishes I was blurred all the time so chose this one!
The Booga Bag is felted and drying. This first one is a "before" pic. And look I have learned to do the linky thing, yeah, yeah, bloody simple, I know that *now*!! ;-) I would love to hear from anyone who felts in the washing machine. My machine is old, tired and on a go-slow (we are twin sisters in another life!!!) so perhaps isn't up to it but I *cannot* felt stuff in it. I saved loads of jeans/towels etc to shove in with the bag and it had three washes - one last, desperate boil wash included and did it felt did it f%$^. I did what I've resorted to in the past and felted it by hand. Now, if that was a precious handknit accidentally popped into the wash at 30 deg. it would be three inches accross and stiff as a board so I don't get it,eh? I think it could probably stand a wee bit more felting but I am supposed to be painting the kitchen, which has taken on Forth Bridge proportions so it'll have to do for now. I can always give it another go at a later date.
I'm off to throw another coat of yellow on the kitchen walls - same as in the background above - and then a much needed curry!! ;-)


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"Ain't no stopping me now "'ll be posting like crazy ..I havn't learnt how to do links to other blogs yet or favourite sites etc ..I will just been posting other stuff.Holly

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