Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Balls are Odd. My Socks are Fuzzy.

I posted about my odd sized balls on UKHK the other day and here they are! They amuse me, well, too much really as no grown woman should really be *that * amused by balls of wool being of different sizes, but, hey, I don't get out much. I'm knitting the big ones into a Booga Bag (if I was clever, like Wormhead, you'd have a coloured linky thing here. But I'm not so tough titty ;-)) and the small ones are going to be a bag that is currently only a bad sketch!

This is how the "big ball" Kureyon is knitting up. I love the colours and the way they blend but am less impressed by the sneaky knots that give you a sudden instant change. Dunno how I'd feel if I wasn't going to be felting this. Mind you I think that knitting with my own handspun has made fibre that changes from thick to hairlike thinness in two inches and breaks in your hands from being undertwisted, an unremarkable experience!
This is a badly focused pic of a Lorna's Laces sock in the "Embossed Leaves" pattern from the December Interweave Knits mag. I haven't used the yarn before and it's fine. As in nice, not as in thin. I am never *quite* sure about the striping you get with this sort of yarn, hence I went for the pattern, which is breaking it up a bit. Had I not chucked out the book for the camera I may have learnt to focus and you could actually see the leaves!:-(


Blogger Holly @Home said...

Made Mum laugh ..but many semi agrophobics get out anyhow ! She is green with envy over those socks too Holly .

1:08 PM  
Blogger Holly @Home said...

Rats ! I left out the "How" ...don't they do great wordy things on I/D an alien lanuage .

1:10 PM  
Blogger NikolaAnne said...

Hmm.. they really are different!

The balls, did you actually weigh them? It does seem like a big volume change for the same yarn...

Mind you, I do know that Noro do a "Big Kureyon" that is a higher gauge than the "Normal" stuff... I've just never seen it. Maybe you have some of that?

Welcome to the world of 'blogging!

12:01 AM  
Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

Jeez, loads been going on whilst I've been away!

The linking business is easy peasy... y'know when you're typing up your post and there's that little menu on the post window? Look for the green faced alien thing, click on him, he's the url box. You'd need to highlight which text you want to add an url to first, obviously... then copy and paste chosen url into that box. Voila!

6:19 PM  

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